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If you must fly, here are some tips to do it safely | SafarPass

If you must fly, here are some tips to do it safely

Air traffic has slowed dramatically

Even though many airports have limited flights or even cancelled all of their flights to an unknown date, there are still people who must fly to get to a certain place. 

However, flying has drastically changed. Firstly, most if not all of restaurants, fast-food dinning options, and other travel accommodation shops  have closed in airports. As well as, all business and first class lounges will be temporarily closed. Secondly, even while on board almost all major airlines are limiting their in-flight refreshments to decrease the level of human contact. So, many airlines recommend and encourage for others to bring their own food and drinks. As well as, a limit to the amount of passengers per plane. 

Increased sanitization and onboard cleaning

The airlines have also increased sanitization and onboard cleaning, with a lot of the airlines making their cleaning process visible online for other to watch. This will ensure to reduce panic and help put those passengers who must travel at ease. 


Most airports have also added hand sanitation stations for passengers to frequently disinfect their hands. They have also imposed social distancing and for face masks to be worn at all times. Airports have also increased the amount of liquids a passenger is allowed to take onboard and now passengers are allowed an extra 12-ounce hand sanitizer bottle to bring along with them. 

Wear gloves, face mask, and don't touch your face

It may seem like a broken record but it is highly important to protect yourself. Even if you are wearing gloves and a face mask it is still important to limit touching and still keep a distance from others. Many times by wearing gloves and a face mask creates a false illusion that you are safe. However, many times people do not realize that they touch their face while wearing gloves which can be contaminated. A video from Molly Lixey demonstrates a stimulation of her being at the grocery store wearing gloves and showing us with paint how germs spread.  Watch here

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