Ultimate Guide about corporate travel management

While planning a trip

There is so much to do. Not only do you need to search for a convenient flight fitting your schedule and budget, but also a hotel to match with it. This is just before your journey, what about once you’re traveling and when you return? You may be required to keep track of your travel expenses. Provide trip reimbursement report with itemized receipts and other details.

Now imagine you are not the traveler, but you are the one assisting and doing all of this for a team or even the entire company. Your colleagues flying to different locations on different days with different travel requirements and budget options.

A solution would be to find an online travel platform that allows you to find, book, and record all related travel expenses in one App. Not only will an online travel platform allow you to do all of this simultaneously, at the best prices available, but it will also help you track and aggregate all your expenses and create an individual or team expense report.

How to save your time

Maybe sometimes you luckily found the right combinations, but on all the other occasions you wasted so much time from all the internet searches and emails going back and forth between you and your team members. An online travel management platform will save you from all of this and you can spend the extra time doing something more productive and valuable.

And how to avoid errors

With all the individual searches and manual process steps, there is a great likelihood of making mistakes. The online travel management platform helps you to avoid it. For instance, it will make sure you do not book flight and accommodation for different start or end days, or you booked a flight and your chosen hotel became unavailable in the meantime. While on the online platform you can book both simultaneously, ensuring you find the right options fitting your budget and time schedule. At the end all your bookings will be organized in a business travel itinerary, clearly outlining every step of your trip.

It’s easy to implement

We know that sometimes a change is hard for a process that’s been around for a while. We have good news, there is no need to abandon your corporate travel management, just enhance it with an online platform that will simplify it and add tremendous value. You do not need to establish corporate travel services or contract a travel agency or even rely on public travel booking websites. All you’ll need is an online travel management platform. It will elevate your way of booking a trip, by offering best flight prices, cheapest hotels, and allowing you to manage money better. The online travel platform also allows the viewer to read online reviews of the hotels.

Control is key

The online travel management platform will satisfy all your travel needs while ensuring all your trips are within the company policy. The platform enables to create corporate travel policies to ensure all employees stay within approved budgets. Some travel policy examples include the flight cost or flight class limits, hotel categories and rules for advance booking e.g. traveler must book three days in advance, and many more options.

Not only is it a booking tool but also a travel organizer for all the traveler, manager and administrator.

Corporate travel can be optimized to ensure cost savings in business. And all of this can be done without a corporate travel consultant. The online travel platform brings all necessary business travel solutions.

Big or small, all will benefit!

The online travel management platform brings an expense tracking tool that is beneficial for businesses of all sizes. You can track your personal expenses or expenses of entire teams. Once the traveler is on the trip, they can simply take a photo of all of their receipts and record it on the App, easily creating an expense report along the way.

So, as you can see it is an all in one travel system that is beneficial for the business traveler and business travel planner whether you travel on a global scale, regionally or domestically.





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