How to Manage Corporate Travel for Growing Businesses

What is travel management?

Simply put, it is a process of finding the right flights and hotel reservations for corporate travel, as well as the need of recording all expenses on meals and transportation. The first few parts must be approved before the employee travels and the rest once they come back. So, as you can see there’s already lots of planning and paperwork involved. 

All companies have different strategies by outsourcing this process to travel agencies or have employees dedicated to this in house. But we will focus on how to elevate travel management and how using a travel management platform can automate most of the process. 

Focus on your travel purpose rather than its processing 

Some of the dreadful tasks for a corporate traveler is the time wasted on process of flight search and booking, then the same for convenient accommodations and at the end the mundane process of tracking and processing your or your teams travel expenses. Now that is hectic. 

This all takes up so much time. Time that could be used on something more productive. There is always the possibility of outsourcing this activity to a travel agency but not only is it more time consuming but also costly. Some things are better to do yourself; you just need to find the right way. 

For one trip or hundreds, free online travel platform saves you time and money! 

The amount of money one spends on business travel is ever so increasing. It could be one of the largest expenses a company incurs. So why do companies manage travel so badly? The company does not need to change the management process, they just need a little back support to help reduce their travel expenses. 

Now firstly, the best way to start out is to find a platform that is just right for your business. You can add all your team members and coworkers to be able to manage all the flights, hotel bookings, and expenses in one platform. Not only will this help on how to manage your money better but also help in managing your team more efficiently. 

Let’s book a trip instantly! 

Through using a travel management platform, you can search for the best and cheapest flights. The business travel app uses an inventory software to find a flight timing and price that is most convenient for you. Then onto finding the right hotel

Book your flight and hotel simultaneously! 

This will tremendously decrease the risk of buying a flight ticket to finding out there are no empty rooms in a hotel you need. Therefore, all your travel needs will be taken care of. Also, once you’re done booking, a business travel itinerary will be created. And while you’re on the trip and incur expenses they can all be recorded on the same platform. This will allow you to not go over budget and create an invoice that contains all your trip expenses. 

Managing costs is ever so important 

However, most growing businesses do not have the necessary funds to invest in online booking tools or travel agencies. This is where the growing businesses waste resources making all the arrangements in house. There is no need to look for a corporate travel consultant, all you need is a business travel service on an online platform. It will bring all business travel and travel management solutions for free.

The booking platform can work as a personal expense tracking software and it can also track business expenses for teams in various departments. As well as, works for both international business travel and domestic. 

Reducing errors and giving control 

Now onto learning how to achieve this. The manager can establish travel policy rules to help control the overall budget within the corporate travel program. Some corporate travel policy examples include; how many days in advance one must book a hotel, the maximum a flight or hotel room can cost, hotel category, and many more. The company policy for employees can be split into levels that differ based on the company hierarchy as well as based on the functional responsibilities, such as accountants, admins, or members. 

Automation and flexibility is key

And there you have it! A quick and easy way to organize and manage all your company travel needs; flights, hotels and related expenses all in one platform. The online platform is available with 24/7 customer service to support you along the way. 

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