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How to setup a duty of care strategy | SafarPass

How to setup a duty of care strategy

What is duty of care?

It is crucial for employees to feel safe, no matter if they are in the office or on a business trip. There is a term for this called “Duty of Care”, the term refers to a legal obligation which ensures people on the premise or within close vicinity are protected from harm.

In simple terms it is the legal obligation to take care of traveling employees. However, what makes a difference between companies is their travel risk management, which is connected to the Duty of Care, however, it differs in the sense that it is the proactive approach to reducing risks for travelers and ultimately with the goal to keep them safe.


Follow the below steps to create a duty of care strategy

Step 1: Communication

It is very difficult to know what your employees want unless you ask them. So firstly, communicate with them to better understand their needs and wants. Through this you will discover any hidden dangers your employees may be worried about.

Step 2: Data Collection

People’s needs and wants change continuously so your duty of care strategy must also adapt. However, it is difficult to adapt your strategy without accurate data that is up to date. Your data collection must also be in real time, this is important when your employees are travelling on business because their location will keep changing. And it is difficult to keep track and know where all your employees travelled to on business. However, what if you did not need to keep track of their travels because an online travel platform could do that for you. The platform would not only help you plan and book trips for yourself and your employees, but also help you manage where they are in real time. 

Step 3: Write it down

Write down all the possible unforeseeable events that may occur and then write down your game plan. It is difficult to know exactly what will happen, but it does not hurt to create a plan in case it does. Usually the most unlikely events happen. In order to brainstorm all the various crisis events that may occur. 

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