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Importance of duty of care | SafarPass

Importance of duty of care

Safety is a priority

It is crucial for employees to feel safe, no matter if they are in the office or on a business trip. There is a term for this called “Duty of Care”, the term refers to a legal obligation which ensures people on the premise or within close vicinity are protected from harm. In simple terms it is the legal obligation to take care of traveling employees. However, what makes a difference between companies is their travel risk management, which is connected to the Duty of Care, however, it differs in the sense that it is the proactive approach to reducing risks for travelers and ultimately with the goal to keep them safe. 

Below are five reasons that will demonstrate why you as an employer should care about Duty of Care. 

  1. You as an employer are legally required to a standard of care for your employees.
  2. Employees who feel safe while traveling are prone to feel happier which will result in them being more productive.
  3. Your traveler will most likely face difficulties during their trip. It may be while they are planning it, during or after. 
  4. 80% of travel buyers consider duty of care their No. 1 priority.
  5. The company’s reputation depends on how your employees feel.

How to utilize your travel risk management

It is important for a company to always be cautious and have a standard of precautions to take. Below are three general precautions companies should focus on: 


Assess risks Before the trip, it is best to assess the risks and advantages of the employee going to that meeting and also assess the scenario if the employee does not go and reschedules it. Weighing the cons and pros of the business trip will allow the employee and employer see the significance of the trip.


Prepare and prevent After weighing the cons and pros, and both the traveler and employer decide the business trip is highly important and it cannot be missed or rescheduled then it is important to prepare and prevent. In order to decrease the risk, it is most beneficial for the traveler to be well informed.  


Communicate and evaluateLastly, it is important for the traveler to know their health and safeness is most important. The employer must demonstrate their commitment to the traveler’s well-being. 

Know your traveler's whereabouts

It is very difficult for companies to keep track of their employees especially when they are on a business trip. Therefore, it is important to find a way to keep track of them without too much interference. One way an employer can keep track of their employees who are on a business trip is through an online travel management platform. The platform would allow for the employee to plan and book their trip but also help out the employer once the traveler is on their business trip. The platform would help out the employer by having an option on the platform that allows to track each traveler’s whereabouts in real time. This feature may seem as unnecessary at first however, with every day’s schedule being so hectic knowing your traveler’s whereabouts is one less thing you have to keep track of. 

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